Important Announcement - Temporary Closure


OK, here's the thing....

I am finding I cannot get the work done as fast as I would like. The recuperation from my spinal surgery is taking longer than I expected and I am tiring easily. With new orders coming in all the time, the waiting time is just continuing to blow out, and I don't believe that is fair to the customers.

Each day I have to do my normal tasks around the home, plus physiotherapy and then fit in work as well, so to ease the problem, I am shutting down ordering on the web site until such time as I have caught up with the backlog of orders. Even so, this is going to take quite some time, recent orders will still take 3 or 4 months to arrive at the head of the assembly queue. If you do not want to wait, then contact me and I will arrange a refund.

You can contact me via email at this address:

Geoff Baxter

Order Currently Being Assembled: 3420

Press the F5 function key to refresh the number.



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