Important Announcement - Temporary Closure


I am going to be absent for a period of at least two weeks while I undergo major surgery. During this time the website and shopping facilities will be closed. The reason for shutting it down is simply so that I do not get even further behind on orders, plus I will not be available to advise customers about details of their orders.

Also, because my system uses a manual PayPal invoicing system, I won't be there to issue invoices either.

I will not be replying to any emails during this period, please leave communications until I return.

To those who have been inconvenienced by the recent delays, my apologies. Because of the problems in obtaining the last supplies of Mashima motors, and the resulting buildup of orders, I have been working long hours and delaying this surgery. Now it has reached the stage where I cannot ignore it any longer.

All current orders will be filled, but I do not know how long I will be out of action. Please come back after two weeks. I hope to be back at work by then.

Geoff Baxter



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