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TGR V Class

A Tasmanian Government Railways V Class modelled by Alan Shaw. See this model and more in the NEW revamped Gallery Blog.

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Order Progress

We are waiting at the moment for a final shipment of motors from Mashima, this will be a limited range of motors, the most popular ones. In the meantime, I have had to side-line a number of orders because they require motors that are now out of stock. These are order numbers 3202 & 3210.

The queue of orders is now exhausted, but when motors come back in stock, I will be very busy filling the side-lined orders.

Stocked items are shipped almost immediately. Items that require assembly are placed in a queue and assembled in turn. At present, the waiting time is approximately 1 week.

Please Note: You may have to press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the web page to the latest number


Right now, we are assembling Order No.



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