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We are a small Australian company dedicated to producing craftsman quality model railway products. Our products are designed and assembled in Australia, and where possible, components are manufactured in Australia.

We do not have our products made in some dreadful asian sweatshop, where they pay awful wages and work under oppressive conditions, no sir! We have our own sweatshop right here in Australia with those same awful wages and oppressive conditions.

We encourage you to use our secure shopping and purchase system with credit cards managed by e-WAY. Hollywood Foundry is committed to provide you with a safe, secure payment system.

Prices for all items are in Australian Dollars and have GST included in the price. The 10% GST will be automatically deducted from overseas orders. To find out what the cost of your order is, click on the 'Convert $' link in the shopping cart. A new window will open showing the current conversion rate in other world currencies.

We regret that due to instances of credit card fraud, we cannot accept credit card purchases from certain countries. However we are quite happy to accept payment by cash, bank transfers, money orders, international bank drafts and cheques in Australian Dollars.

However, if you are not comfortable with on-line shopping, please contact us using the link above. E-mail is the best way to contact us and we will endeavor to answer all e-mails within 24 hours. You are welcome to telephone us during business hours Australian Eastern Time.


All Hollywood Foundry products are warranted against faulty materials and manufacture for a period of six months. Items must be returned to us packed securely for repair within this period. Return freight will be the responsibility of the purchaser, and must be accompanied by a detailed letter explaining the problem and providing telephone contact details. Hollywood Foundry reserves the right to not repair or charge or repairs where the damage is a result of excessive wear, improper operation, modification by the purchaser or abuse.

Hollywood Foundry will not normally supply spare parts.


Hollywood foundry respects the privacy of its customers in accordance with Australian laws. E-mail addresses supplied as part of the purchasing process will not be sold or disclosed to any other party and will not be used for mailout purposes.

Credit card purchases are handled for us by e-WAY, subject to their strict security. Credit card information is not stored or held on the Hollywood Foundry website and we do not have access to this information.

Refund Policy

Hollywood Foundry will happily refund a purchase in full, less any credit card transactions fees incurred, prior to assembly or despatch of item from our premises.

Due to the custom nature of many of our products, particularly the BullAnt range, we are not able to refund once the item has been despatched. When ordering these items, you are requesting a custom assembly of a device, and this device is of no use to us if returned. We cannot return it to stock and it cannot be sold to another customer as it is now used goods.

Hollywood Foundry does not warrant the suitability of any of its products to the intended use of the purchaser. We will provide advice on the application if you request it, but ultimately it is the purchaser's responsibility to choose the correct product for the job.

Damage in transit will not be covered by this policy. Purchasers are advised to take advantage of shipping insurance offered with the purchase, no other coverage of shipping damage is offered or inferred.

Restrictions to Trade

For our own protection, Hollywood foundry may refuse to trade with any person where it is deemed by us to pose real risks. Due to credit card fraud being prevalent in certain countries we have taken steps to refuse credit card purchases from those countries. However we do not wish to offend people in those countries and will be happy to discuss alternative payment arrangements.

Some of our products may be purchased for resale by representatives or retail outlets. Not all products are offered for resale. It is not our policy to appoint sole distributorships, but we are happy to discuss the prospect of setting up sales areas Nike Air Max 87.

Hollywood Foundry is a trading name of Seamist Pty. Ltd. incorporated in the State of Victoria, Australia, ABN 66 105 443 766.




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