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Following on from the 1st. Series T Class, the next model will be the W class shunter.

We did have a problem at one point with wheels for the W class, but that has now been solved and the W is firmly back on the agenda. The new wheels have been crafted for us by Steam Era Models and are exquisite, and most importantly, are designed expressly for this model.

The W will have a Mashima motor and flywheel, 6 wheel coupled drive and LED lights. A standard NMRA DCC socket will be provided for simple plug in fitting of a DCC decoder.

This model will be of fully brass construction, with fine brass overlays and lost wax cast fittings.

This model will only be offered in kit form, however some of the more difficult parts of assembly will be supplied already assembled.

It might be said that the model will be a better performer than the original!



We may continue with production of VR diesels, particularly those not modelled before or out of production with other manufacturers. This will depend very much upon demand. As the larger manufacturers seem to be taking up all the mainline and branchline locomotives, we may look at the shunters, starting with the F class and then possibly the small M class units.

If you have a preference for a particular locomotive type, then e-mail us and let us know what type you would like. We would appreciate your input, but please do not ask for types other than Victorian Railways locomotives, at present this is the only prototype railway we wish to focus on.

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