The MonoAnt Single Axle Drive

A Versatile Solution for Single Axle Drive Applications

The MonoAnt is intended to be used in situations where something like the rear axle drive system of a motor vehicle is required. The 15:1 drive ratio is middle of the range and the MonoAnt is compact and simple. It is available in gauges from 9mm up to 32mm, with a choice of over 30 wheel sizes. The MonoAnt comprises the axle complete with Universal Joint cup, wheels and four mounting screws.

Three 1.4mm tapped holes in the top plate of the MonoAnt allow you to screw it directly to the floor of your model, or use spacers to achieve the correct floor height above rail.

The motor to drive the MonoAnt could be located in the engine compartment of a rail bus for example, with a prop shaft drive to the rear MonoAnt axle. The drive shaft may then be visible as it would in the prototype.

The shaft shown in the picture above is for illustration purposes and is not included. You will need to order shafts, motors and UJ components to suit your project. No electrical pick-ups are supplied, however one wheel is insulated from the axle while the other is electrically connected to the gearbox. This is done in order to simplify electrical pick-up, requiring collection from one side only. The insulated wheel is located on the right side with the gearbox shaft pointing forward.

The following drawings gives dimensions for the MonoAnt.

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