Closure Of Business

June 2019

I have taken the decision to close the business. Since moving, I have not found the necessary enthusiasm to continue operating the business, and have decided to retire completely. My apologies to anyone who was waiting for a re-opening.

You can contact me via email at this address:

Geoff Baxter


Sale of Components

I am gradually adding a list here of components and parts left over from the business. If you have an interest in purchasing the parts listed, please contact me via the email address shown above.

I would prefer not to sell these parts in ones or twos, as it becomes a real chore to pack and post them. All prices are in Australian dollars, postage is extra (once I know where to post them to). Payment will only be accepted via PayPal. All items are offered subject to prior sale.

Mashima Motors

These are genuine Mashima motors, brand new, left over from my manufacturing stock. All motors have double-ended shafts. Available quantities will be updated as they are sold. The stocks are now down to the 1628s plus a few 1824s.

The 1628 motor is, in my opinion, the pick of the Mashima range. I found them to be quite powerful and reliable, which is why I used them in just about every mechanism I designed. That is also why I had so many of them left over after I closed.

Description Link to Specifications Number Available Price
MH-1628-D 1628 specifications 37 $38.00



I have many flywheels available. These are solid brass, properly balanced, in two sizes, with cups on one end for universal joints. There is a small flywheel, 10.5mm diameter by 9mm length, and it is available with 1.5mm or 2.0mm bore.

The larger flywheel is 15mm diameter by 15mm length with a 2.0mm bore only. These flywheels are interference fit on the shafts and can be shortened carefully in a lathe, but not reduced in diameter without upsetting the balance.

Description Bore Number Available Price
Small. 10.5 x 9 1.5mm 40 $3.00
Small. 10.5 x 9 2.0mm 100 $3.00
Large. 15 x 15 2.0mm 500 $4.00


This shafting is 1.5mm diameter by 50mm in length. They are superb Japanese manufacture, centreless ground to high precision. They are perfectly straight, with a polished, case-hardened surface and extremely strong. In fact, they are the shafts from Mashima motors, which I obtained for drive line applications.

Description Size Number Available Price
Steel shaft 1.5mm x 50mm Thousands $1.50